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3 Reasons You Need to Take Your Family Kayaking

It’s a scenario most of us are familiar with: you and your partner work hours and hours each week in an office, you spend your free time caring for the house and kids, who are in school during the day.  All the while, any down time is spent in front of the TV, the Internet, or maybe with the kids playing video games.

Sound like your family?  Well it’s time to get everyone to family kayaking!

Kayaking with your whole family is a great way to spend a day or a whole weekend outdoors.  Take a look at Malibu Kayaks’ top three reasons to kayak with your family.


Benefit #1: Kayaking lets you and family escape the modern world

In a day and age where everyone is connected, sometimes it’s best to disconnect and get back to nature.  If you love the water, kayaking is best way to experience it.  You’re about a foot above the water as you paddle, taking in the sights and sighing as the cool breeze hits your face.  In fact, some researchers claim that the therapeutic good feelings we get from kayaking in the wilderness helps us recover from the mental fatigue of the typical work week. Sounds good to us!


Benefit #2: Kayaking is great bonding for your entire family

Looking for a way to get closer to your loved ones?  Kayaking is the solution – both literally and figuratively!  Two tandem kayaks for a family of four, for example, is a great way to be physically close to your partner and children.  Meanwhile, your family will enjoy a close bond through adventure, relaxation, and stress-free enjoyment, not to mention the great stories you’ll all have to share together later.

Benefit #3: Kayaking is healthy and fun

While you’re out having fun, you and your family are getting much needed exercise, a win-win! How much exercise?  Well, the average person can burn up to 400 calories in an hour by paddling.  A family that works out together stays together.  So why not enjoy the outdoors and have a blast while doing it?

 Family Fun Kayaks

Tandem kayaks are an obvious recommendation, but our recreational models also make great options.  Take a look at our recommended family fun kayaks:

Pro 2 Tandem (paddling for two)

Trio-11 (Seating for 1-3 persons)

3.4 (great for kids)

Mini-X (for beginning and intermediate paddlers)