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Tandem Kayak vs Single Kayak

Many of us think of kayaking and we think about going out alone in our own kayak to relieve some stress. But what about those days when you want to enjoy the water and sunlight with a friend or family member in a Tandem Kayak? Hopefully the information below will help you make up your mind on which would be your best fit, single or tandem kayak. ENJOY!


Single kayak Pros – Complete control to go where YOU want, when YOU want, and how fast YOU want. You don’t have to worry about accommodating to anyone. Also being that there is only one person in the kayak, it not only is going to navigate better but it will also be faster. Enjoy a day out on the water to clear your mind and have some alone time.

Single kayak Cons – If you decide you want to share your paddling experience with someone there is no room for them. You will then need to rent or purchase another single kayak. If an emergency was to take place you have nobody else there to assist you.

Recommended Single Kayak: Mini-X  |  3.4  |  X-13


Tandem kayak Pros – Unlike a single kayak you are able to bond with your passenger, learn to work together as a team, and enjoy each other’s company. Tandem kayaks are great for family bonding; you can guide your family as your significant other and child enjoy the scenery or fishing. And if you decide that you prefer to kayak alone you can still take out your tandem.

Tandem kayak Cons – The biggest con is not having the freedom to do as you please. The tandem kayak is also known as the “Divorce kayak”. If you are not ready to work as a team this definitely is not the kayak suited for you. Your day can turn from fantastic to horrible one paddle at a time, and then the blame game starts. One person will be doing more work than the other; one person is going to want to navigate etc. Being that there is more weight on the kayak it will be a bit more difficult to navigate. So make sure you are ready for the workout.

Recommended Tandem Kayaks:  Pro 2 Tandem |  Trio-11

Pro 2 Tandem Selfie Stick of Family Kayaking

I hope this information helped you decide which would be the best fit.

Tell us in the comment section, do you prefer single or tandem kayaks? Happy paddling!