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Fishing Kayak or Motorboat: The Angler’s Dilemma

If you love to fish and find yourself wanting to venture past the shore or the dock, you need a fishing vessel. Sure, there are a variety of choices out there, but for simplicity sake, let's narrow them down to two main options: a fishing kayak or a motorboat. When it comes to convenience and ease of stealth fishing, the kayak wins hands down. Now how do you convince your dock fishing brother-in-law to be the next convert into the growing sport of kayak fishing? Sometimes convenience is king: and a 12 or 14 foot plastic boat that needs little maintenance and is easier to store is going to work better for a lot of anglers than a 26 foot boat that requires both body...

Kayaking with Your Dog

Who says the only thing you can do with your dog is go for a walk or play fetch?  Kayaking and paddling are fun activities for a hot day with your dog, especially if your dog enjoys being out on the open sea or going for a swim.  But before you take the plunge, make sure both you and your dog are ready for such a voyage.  Go through our checklist to make sure you and your best friend are prepared for your kayak expedition. Is your dog well-behaved?  Above all else, this is rule one.  A well-disciplined hound will be a better kayaker than an unruly one.  Plus, if your dog is not the biggest fan of water, they may become anxious or rambunctious….

How to Kayak with Your Kids – Build the Love of Kayaking Early

If you love kayaking and have little ones, it’s never too early to introduce them to your passion for kayaking. With careful planning, supervision, and adherence to our guidelines, your love for kayaking may very likely pass on to your kids. Before we get into specifics, let’s talk about how young you can introduce your children to kayaking. In the early infant and toddlers years, just having your child interact with the kayak and paddles while safely on land may be sufficient. As they get older, are walking, and can confidently grasp and hold a paddle, this is the time where the real lessons begin. Safety First Before either you and your child step into a kayak, be sure to lay out all rules and…

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