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Kayaking for Exercise: The Ultimate Side Effect

When you think of fishing, you may not think of fitness, but guess what?  Kayak fishing is different, thanks to kayaking for exercise!  Many anglers and outdoorsmen and women forget that exercise is a common side effect of their kayaking efforts.  In fact, we’re calling it the ultimate side effect!

Truth be told, we wish more yakers would use their kayaks chiefly for fitness.  But with all the fish biting and the great coves, fjords, rivers, and whitewater to explore, there’s plenty of fun to be had with kayaking without thinking about fitness.  But like it or not kayakers, you’re getting exercise.  So if you stop and consider kayaking for exercise, you’ll take advantage of the ultimate side effect in the form of three core benefits.

Benefit #1: Kayaking for exercise helps weight loss

It’s a simple fact: burn more calories than you take in and you’ll lose weight. Kayak paddling is a great way to burn away that stubborn fat.  In fact, an average person paddling at a moderate pace for one hour will burn about 400 calories.  With this in mind, consider paddling for an additional 15 minutes or so before you drop anchor for fishing or diving. Your body will thank you.


Benefit #2: Kayaking for exercise lowers stress

Movement of any type is great for you because it pumps up your endorphins.  And pumped-up endorphins help boost your mood, which helps lower your stress levels.  Meanwhile, as you move through the countryside, enjoying the sights, sounds, the feel of the breeze, and the scent of fresh air, you’re essentially practicing the art of meditation.  While in motion, no less!  Continue paddling while enjoying the scenery and watch the stress melt away.

Benefit #3: Kayaking for exercise builds strength

And not just by paddling either, kayakers.  Think about all the gear hauling you do, plus tying up your yak to your car’s roof, and getting into and out of your kayak.  All these activities can help build muscles in your upper and lower body.  So while you’re burning calories, enjoying the sights and sounds of nature, you’re also helping build lean muscle mass.  So flex proudly yakers!  You’ve earned it.


Kayaks for Fitness

While all our kayaks are great for getting exercise, here are a few recommendations to get you started:

3.4 (for kayak surfing)

Express (for kayak surfing)

Pro 2 Tandem (paddling for two)

X-13 (for diving)