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Discover kayaks designed by pro anglers, recreational kayaks for all families, and diving kayaks made for the adventurous.  

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Proudly Made in the USA

We’re a proudly owned and operated, Made in the USA brand. We work hard to keep jobs and money with all our hardworking patriots here in the states, and they pay us back with the best quality you can find.


Exclusive Features

You want your kayak your way, and that’s how we like it! All of our models are designed with large flat surfaces to allow the owner to easily customize and rig their kayak to their exact specifications

Tons of storage! We’re the leaders of the ample storage, prime functionality. In other words, we’re the luxury pickup trucks of the kayaking world.

We stand behind our products so much, we have the best lifetime warranty in the business.

We’re the only manufacturer to release multiple updates, upgrades, or new models every year. The designs span from simple (like our wider brimmed shock cord cleat) to game changing (like our patented live well bait tanks and child seat/gator hatches) We hold multiple patents across different platforms, and we’re always looking to come out with something new.


All our kayaks come with various packages, to customize your kayak.  With our 3 unique packages, standard, recreational, and fish and dive package, you will have everything you need to start kayaking.


Standard Package

Loved by resorts and rental fleets, the standard package is great for users who don’t require any hatches or are looking for a blank slate to do their own customization.


Recreational Package

Want just enough, but not too much?  Our kayaks that come available in a recreational package is just right.  These come with at least one hatch and are perfect for users who aren’t big anglers and will be using the kayak for other purposes.


Fish & Dive Package

Rigged, set, and ready to go!  Our Fishing and Diving packages come equipped with all the rod holders and hatches you’ll ever need.  Never fear though, there is still plenty of room left for you to install even more.