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14 Reasons Why the Malibu Stealth 14 is Such a Sweet Fishing Kayak!

14 Reasons Why the Malibu Stealth 14 is Such a Sweet Fishing Kayak!

Why are Malibu Kayaks so great? Stability, durability and storage capacity come to mind, there’s many reasons to love Malibu Kayaks. Here are 14 reasons why the Stealth-14 is such a sweet fishing kayak provided by Joe from Fish On Kayak Adventures!

Man with his Dog kayaking on a Stealth 14

Family Matters

This fishing machine doubles as a family machine. I use it to paddle out to nearby sand bars and spoil island with my wife on the gator hatch, my son on my lap and my daughter in the rear hatch. This kayak is a sweet rig for the serious fishermen and serious family guys.

As stable as it gets!
I have yet to be able to flip her. As a kayak guide I want stability over speed for my clients and the stealth provides this and then some.

Stealth 14 Fishing Catch Stand-ability!

After trying paddle boarding, I quickly realized I wasn’t blessed with paddle board genes. The Stealth 14 changed all that in just my first trip out on it. I stand more now than sitting, allowing me to sight fish from my Stealth, which is a game changer.

Live well Center Bait Tank Malibu KayaksLive Well
This was one of the main selling points for me on this kayak. I am a big live bait guy and having this built in well allows me to keep bait alive without dragging bait buckets or taking up storage area with a well system. I don’t even use a pump system, just leave the drain plug out and it keeps plenty of fresh water in it for the shrimp and pinfish I use on my trips. I also have used it as a fish well and cooler on trips too.

Side Storage hatches
These hatches are great for making a safe and secure place to stash tackle, pliers, knives, a ruler and camera without cluttering up deck.

Rear storage
This kayak’s open back storage area is vast, allowing me to keep a cooler and milk crate and still space left over to fit in a small food/drink cooler. Enough said.

Malibu Kayak Gator-Hatch-Storage

Gator Hatch and load capacity
This great hatch doubles for a jump seat and allows for easy access to the storage area inside this kayak. With a kayak load capacity of 550 pounds you will be hard pressed to max it out.

Rod holders
I am a huge fan of flush mount rod holders for the type of fishing I do. The stealth comes standard with two front and two rear. I am the kind of guy who fishes multiple rods and the Stealth feeds that obsession.

Tracks well
This kayak tracks really well and that can make a big difference while on the water getting from spot to spot.

High and Dry
The stealth is a very dry ride. This stands out to me in the winter months where cold water can make kayaking uncomfortable due to air/water temps, even in Florida. I rarely get wet unless waves kick up or from water dripping off the paddle and I am no light weight at 6′ 3″ 200 lbs.
stealth 14 Fishing for halibut
I have fished her hard for over a year with my charters and she shows little wear. The hull is solid and hatches have held up nicely with lots of standing and usage.

Clean, clear spacious deck
This kayak has a great clear platform for fishing and or fly fishing to minimize snags and maximize catching! It is very roomy and comfortable for big guys.

At 62 lbs she is much lighter when compared to other kayaks in her class. 14 foot kayaks can be intimidating to handling, but The Stealth is a very manageable kayak for her size.

Nice Lines
The Stealth 14 just down right looks good in and out of the water!
Don’t take our word for it, test out a Stealth 14 and find out for yourself! Thank you to Joe, you can join him on his kayak charter in the Tampa Bay area!  Visit Fish on Kayak Adventures for more details.

What are some of your reasons why Malibu Kayak Stealth 14 is a great fishing kayak?