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About Us

Malibu Kayaks was founded on two main principles: to disrupt the norm by way of innovation and quality, and to always pursue perfection by never taking the easy way out.

Every idea starts with a problem, and ours was simple: kayaks all look the same.  We started Malibu Kayaks to create an alternative.  We believe every paddler deserves a kayak designed for their individual needs, not the other way around.   We don’t believe in a “one hull fits all” model.

Malibu Kayaks began in the industry as retailers and slowly making a transition to manufacturer, simply because we believe we could make better kayaks than what was available.  We knew firsthand the challenges to selling and buying a suitable kayak.  The key was education.  By being an informed retailer and manufacturer, we understood how unique each paddler was and how different each region needs were.   We began educating the masses on what we knew to become informed buyers.  We apply the same principle of education to our dealer support.  By engaging with customers directly, and drawing from the expertise of our suppliers, we’re able to provide higher-quality, better-looking, and better-performing kayaks and accessories.

We are crusaders of the unknown.  Malibu Kayaks edges toward the uncharted and pride ourselves in being on the outside, being the rebel.  We took risks and often failed, but Malibu Kayaks journeys on to disrupt the norm.

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Chronicles of our kayak lines

Malibu Kayaks began manufacturing in 1999, with the Pro Explorer introduced. All Malibu Kayaks are designed for stability, versatility, and dry seating; elements not often associated with sit-on-top kayaks. After achieving nationwide popularity with the Pro Explorer, we introduced the Extreme and then the Pro 2 Tandem. Afterward, Malibu Kayaks introduced the X-Factor, our hardcore fish and dive kayak. From this design, the Mini-X was conceive

2010 saw Malibu Kayaks branching out into other markets, beginning with the Sierra 10, the first sit-inside kayak with sit-on-top characteristics and the very first in the market to provide a scuppered rear well. 2012 has brought the debut of more sit-inside models: the single seat Ranger 15.1 and the convertible single/dual seat Ranger 15.2. With the Ranger 15 series, Malibu Kayaks hopes to continue offering high quality sit-inside options for recreational and winter kayakers, plus help in bridging the gap between canoe and kayak users.

A warranty that matches our awesome designs.

We pair these designs with an unparalleled limited lifetime warranty. This ensures every kayak that leaves our factory is in immaculate condition, seaworthy, and free of any manufacturer defect. Anything less does not get sold. No wonder many  of our dealers tell us we have the best warranty in the industry.

To learn more about our limited lifetime warranty, just consult the owner’s manual that comes with each of our kayaks.

Looking ahead to possibility

With hundreds of US Dealers, multiple international distributors in key locations around the world, and more coming aboard weekly, Malibu Kayaks continues to look forward to a future with endless possibilities. You can always look forward to our latest models with continued focus on stylish design and innovation. We’re excited to aid both kayak anglers and recreational paddlers alike with great moments, pleasant travels, vivid adventures, wild stories, and a lifetime of memories.

Happy Kayaking!