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All New and Improved Gator Hatch


All New and Improved Gator Hatch Available only for the 2016 X-13 Kayak, the innovative Gator Hatch now comes with a removable tray and easy to open top lid.  The Gator Hatch is patented design that still comes with a seating area for your child.  Malibu Kayaks thrives to be innovators in the kayaking world. The new Gator Hatch comes with a spacious compartment to store equipment and your catch of the day.  You can also simply lift the tray to access the kayak hull for even larger storage area.   The top lid allows for easy access to the dry compartment, without removing the whole Gator Hatch With a newly patented design, the Gator Hatch surpass the needs of any kayaker.  The convenience brings…

Using a Dive Kayak for the Serious Kayak Diver

Using a Dive Kayak for the Serious Kayak Diver Using a diving kayak to explore certain parts of fresh or salt water can be very adventurous.  Then kayak angling essentially took over as the dominant sport.  Well the adventuring spirit still dwells within us, so we say kayak diving is back!  And in fact, more dedicated scuba divers are looking into kayaks for exploring areas beyond their diving points.  Plus let’s not forget that kayak divers can get to places that most boats cannot reach.                          Kayaks and Diving – Like Cake and Ice-cream When you stop and think, kayaking and diving have a lot more in common than you might realize.  Like cake…