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Loleta Eric’s Guide Service Fish Kayaking in Loleta, California


Loleta Eric’s Guide Service Fish Kayaking in Loleta, California

Recently Eric from Loleta took his guests down a wonderful trip down Eel River in Northern California.

“Malibu Kayaks helps me get my guests down the river comfortably and on the fish in style! Having just completed a week of long days guiding clients down the South Fork of the Eel River targeting Winter Steelhead [in California], I want to showcase my Malibu X-Factors for their superior attributes. With extreme stability that allows for standing while casting as well as while gliding down swift runs, the X-Factor inspires confidence even in first time kayakers. The roominess of these boats is fantastic – extensive dry storage in several large hatches, ample deck space to work on and store frequently used items, and a tankwell like the trunk of a Buick! Finally, the strong keel and innovative hull design of the X-Factor makes maneuvering in current and around hazards a breeze – no rudder needed!”

“Thank you, Malibu Kayaks, for staying on the cutting edge of technology and design and making the X-Factor and other Malibu Kayaks lines, for me, the best kayaks available on the market.”

“Stability is HUGE in kayak fishing. With hundreds of dollars worth of gear on deck, in the tank well and in the rod holders at any given time, being able to skip the leashes and floats provides more time and energy for fishing and enjoying the trip down 14 miles of wilderness and old growth redwoods.”

“When you’re hanging out in some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet, why not have a sexy boat too?!”

“We fish from the kayaks all day long, but sometimes it’s nice to stop and angle one spot for a while. With large kayaks that are also very easy to maneuver on land and in shallow water around hazards and shallow riffles, mobility along a stream is no problem.”

“Embarking on a 14 mile drift and paddle with someone who’s never been on the Eel River, I have supreme confidence in putting my guests on the X-Factor for the day’s adventure!”

If you are ever in Northern California, call or message Eric for an unforgettable fishing and kayaking trip.

Loleta Eric
(707) 845-0400