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Improved Innovations in Fishing Kayaks


Improved Innovations in Fishing Kayaks

Malibu Kayaks Stealth series always have been the leader in fishing kayaks that comes with a patented Center Bait Tank.  Now the newly redesigned Center Bait Tank is a must have for any angler.


The Center Bait Tank System now comes with a larger bait hatch access (6 inches).   We got rid of the screw in cap and put in a latch for quick and easy access.


The bait tank now comes with a removable bucket.


We improved the drainage system to allow for easier install for an optional pump kit.  The hatch now comes with a secure frame for more stability.


The hatch now has a 3 prong locking system for a secure and water tight tank.


The brand new Center Bait Tank System will be rolled out for all our Stealth kayaks.  Available now on the Stealth-9 and Stealth-14.

Due to required mold modifications, the new Center Bait Tank will only be available on the new 2017 models.


To learn more about our other improvements such as the brand new Gator Hatch click here:   http://www.malibukayaks.com/blog/2016/03/11/new-improved-gator-hatch/