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Maintain Your Fishing Kayak!

Maintain Your Fishing Kayak!


In a lot of ways your fishing kayak can be compared to a car. If your car is not properly cared for it will eventually experience several avoidable maintenance issues. And just like a car, once one thing breaks down, it slowly starts to take a toll on the rest of the vehicle. The same applies to your kayak. Far too often we are forced to sit and watch while our yaks are slowly decommissioned by something as small as a broken strap or torn gasket. Even though these things don’t seem like the worst issues they become increasingly frustrating as time persist. These issues begin to turn into bigger issues due to lack of resources; 9 out of 10 people won’t have any basic repair materials. It’s always a great idea to keep an assortment of replacement items such as gaskets and repair kits on hand. Just like a spare tire for your car, you’ll never know if you’re going to need it, but you would hate to be caught without it.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to keep your kayak in tip-top shape:

The Post Voyage Wash down

After every voyage you should take the time to wash you kayak with warm water and soap. By washing your kayak you are fighting the effects of corrosion caused by salt water. Corrosion usually attacks areas such as nylon straps, screw inserts, and rubber seals and gaskets, so those should be your main points of focus. Also, you may want to consider using WD40 to restore your kayaks plastic. WD-40 contains fish oil, which soaks into plastic. It works wonders for your yak.

The Greasy Inserts
Rust may be a problem you come across every now and then. Rust can cause screws to weaken and break overtime. It can also cause a screw to become damaged to the point that you won’t be able to be removed without damaging the screw inserts. In order to avoid this you should use bolt grease to lube up your screws and inserts every 1-2 months, especially if you’re always on the water. This will keep your screws good as new for a very long time.


Special Storage
Storage is one of the most important tools in maintaining the integrity of your kayak. Here are a couple do’s and don’ts when your yak is not in use:

    • Don’t hang up your kayak from the ceiling by the scupper holes. This causes lots of pressure in the scupper plugs and can eventually cause deformities and cracks.
    • Do dry off your yak before storing it away. Too much water in the kayak can cause the boat to become water warped and can even cause discoloration.
    • Don’t store your kayak outside in the sun. This can cause deformations and discolorations. If outside storage is your only option then be sure to cover the kayak with a blanket or something along those lines to shield it from the sun.
    • Don’t stack items on top of your kayak such as boxes and other miscellaneous objects. This can cause dents if items are stored on of the yak for prolonged periods of time.

When all the components of your kayak are functioning how they’re supposed to, you get the best results. These are just a few easy precautions you can take to keep your yak out the shop and on the water making waves where it belongs! Be sure to check more tips on our blog at Kayaking Blog