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Safety Net: The Malibu Kayaks Warranty

Safety Net: The Malibu Kayaks Warranty

The life of a kayaker is filled with unforgettable adventures, relaxation, and countless days of sunshine.  Whether your forte is ocean kayaking, white water rafting, or fitness we can all agree that our kayaks bring us inconceivable amounts of joy. We all love our yaks and would do anything to keep them in tip top condition, but sadly, sometimes the unthinkable happens and our kayak undergoes some type of devastating incident that puts it out of service.

Pink Kayak Fishing

For example, let’s say you’ve been planning a fishing trip all week and the morning of you’re getting ready to load your yak. As you go to pick it up you hear a loud POP! Out of nowhere your handle has ripped; you inspect the damage and find that the screw insert has corroded, detaching itself from the yak and your weekend plans come to a screeching halt. In situations like this all kayakers need three things. First, they need to stay calm! Second, they need answers; what happened, how did this happen and why? And lastly, they need help! Now if this happens to you and you’re a member of the Malibu Kayaks family then you know that there is no need to panic. Despite rainy day situations like this one, our customer service team and Limited Lifetime Warranty acts as an umbrella and keeps you shielded from life’s storm cloud until your prized possession is returned to seaworthy conditions and you’re back on the water.

Handle Repair


A Limited Lifetime Warranty is a form of peace of mind that every kayak should come with. It’s also something you pray you’ll never have to use. If you do end up having to use it we try to make the warranty process as easy as possible because we know you are already in a stressful situation. Here’s a few tips to speed along the process and get you back on the water as soon as possible:

  1. Keep all receipts, bank statements, or any other type of proof of purchase.

When attempting to file a warranty claim you will be asked to provide some type of proof of purchase, such as an original sale receipt or a bank/credit card statement.  This helps us not only verify your legal ownership and at what lineage, but also aids us in researching the life of the kayak.  Was this kayak a blem?  Used for commercial purposes?  Do we have any history of this kayak requiring repairs?  The more information we have, the better we can help determine a long term fix for the problem, instead of using a “cookie-cutter” approach.

  1. Take photos of the damage

Take a couple pictures of the damaged area on your kayak. This will provide Malibu with a visual and help us determine exactly how extensive the damage is. The more pictures the better. Be sure that all your pictures clearly show the damage on the yak and try to take them from different angels.

  1. Take a photo of the kayaks KPO

Take a photo of your kayak’s KPO or serial number. This will provide Malibu Kayaks Support Team with needed info such as when was cooked. The KPO is located on the bottom side of the kayak near the stern. It’s a small white sticker with about 5-9 digits on it. Usually, the last four digits are etched or engraved into your yak, so make sure you include those when relaying the information.



Malibu Kayaks are manufactured for the most zealous adventurers. We pride ourselves on the durability and reliability of our yaks. If you take the provided precautions into consideration, your kayak may last you forever. But, in the rare occasion that your yak is damaged, just stay calm and remember that our Limited Lifetime Warranty and customer service team are here for you.

Be sure to contact our Support Team at support@malibukayaks.com or visit support.malibukayaks.com