Easily convert your 2017 Malibu Kayak back to the original seat mold.


Original Kayak Seat Mold


Add Soft Kayak Seat

Seat Tray User Manual | Download

Available now on the 2017 Stealth-12, Stealth-14, and X-Factor.



Will my kayak come with a Seat Tray??

You will have a choice to have either the X-Seat or Seat Tray pre-installed.

Can the Seat Tray fit in 2016 or older models??

No, unfortunately  it will only fit on 2017 models.

Can the Seat Tray fit in any 2017 kayak??

As of right now, the Seat Tray will fit on a 2017 Stealth-14, Stealth-12, and X-Factor.

Why can't the Seat Tray fit on my kayak??

Due to the mold specifications, the seat tray will only work on 2017 Malibu Kayaks.

Can I just buy the Seat Tray??

As of right now, we will not be selling the Seat Tray by itself.

What if I don't want the Seat Tray??

You can have the option to convert your Seat Tray kayak 2017 models (Stealth-12, Stealth-14, or X-Factor) to install the X-Seat.  Find out more here.