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The Highly Anticipated Malibu Kayaks X-Seat


Malibu Kayaks X-Seat

Announcing the all new, innovative seating system, the X-Seat!  With upwards of 4 positions and full adjustability, this stadium style high/low seat combines all the top-quality features kayak anglers expect, with the versatility Malibu Kayaks is known for.

The X-Seat transitions easily into over 4 different positions, providing up to an additional 24 inches in height.  Both the bottom and back rest provide a full range of motion, and can be folded up completely, allowing standing room and access to the included casting post.  The interlocking design allows the user safety and stability when on the water, while still being able to remove the seat in seconds, for use as a beach or camp chair.


Our designers spent over 2 years developing an ergonomic design featuring lumbar support and a high back frame, and the open sliding allows for maximum comfort and maneuverability while paddling.  The frame is made of high-grade aluminum, making the seat not only durable, but lightweight.  An anodized finish increases the oxide layer on the metal, further maximizing the frame’s resistance to any corrosion or wear.  Coupled with a  UV resistant, moisture wicking, and breathable 3-D mesh fabric, the X-Seat has already been heralded by experts as one of the finest on the market.

Due to required mold modifications, the X-Seat will only be available on the new 2017 Stealth-14, Stealth-12, and X-Factor models.

The Stealth 14 will be the first upgraded model available from our 2017 catalog, and launches to retailers this fall.