180 Degrees


Low to Mid Seating

Casting Position


High Position Seating


X-Seat User Manual | Download


Available now on the 2017 Stealth-14

Stealth-12-Fishing Kayaks Malibu

Available now on the 2017 Stealth-12

X-Factor-Fishing Kayak Malibu Kayaks

Available now on the 2017 X-Factor


Does the X-Seat have side straps??

No, but do you want side straps?

Can the X-Seat fit in 2016 or older models??

No, unfortunately  it will only fit on 2017 models.

Can the X-Seat fit in any 2017 kayak??

As of right now, the X-Seat will fit on a 2017 Stealth-14, Stealth-12, and X-Factor.

Why can't the X-Seat fit on my kayak??

Due to the mold specifications, the X-Seat will only work on 2017 Malibu Kayaks.

Can I just buy the X-Seat??

As of right now, we will not be selling the X-Seat by itself.

What if I don't want the X-Seat??

You can have the option to convert your X-Seat kayak model back to the original kayak seat mold.  Find out more here.

Can I add more cushion to the X-Seat??

Yes, you can.  You can insert an inflatable cushion.  You can find instructions here.